Farmily Shares

Thank you for checking out our Farmily Shares! Here is some information about what the boxes are and what you can expect from joining our Farmily:

What is our "Farmily"? The Balm+Honey Farmily is a group of locals, neighbors and friends who are serious about buying and eating healthy, local, clean food. Members of our Farmily pay up-front monthly for portions, or "shares", of our vegetable and herb harvest while getting access to our farm and first shot at our honey and specialty harvests. As a thank you to those who support our small farm, Farmily members also get exclusive access to our spring egg hunt, our fall pumpkin patch, and our annual Farm to Table dinner.

What a "Share" is: the Balm+Honey Farm Fall/Winter Farmily Share (Large) is a weekly box of just-picked, seasonal vegetables and herbs straight from our chemical-free, nothing-but-natural fields. Each box contains 6-12 produce items that will feed 1-2 people (Small Share) or 3-6 people (Large Share) and can be taken home and immediately eaten fresh, cooked, or frozen or preserved. By purchasing this Farmily share, you are taking control of your health by eating the freshest, cleanest, most local food available. You're also getting the opportunity to walk through the fields where your food is grown while getting to know your farmer on a first name basis!

When you purchase a Farmily Share, you are participating in what is commonly known as a CSA- or a Community Supported Agriculture program. Joining a CSA means that you share in your local farm's harvest and share both the rewards- and the risks- of eating locally. Trust us, it's worth it. While you don't know where the food you buy at Walmart comes from, how it was grown, or how it's been handled, you do know that when you buy a B+H Farmily Share. 

Feel free to click on the individual Shares below for more information, or contact us today to see if the Farmily would be a good fit for you.

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